Managing ECP&DA

Trustees – A trustee is similar to a company director except it's for a charity. Trustees have overall accountability for a charity's administration and are responsible for ensuring that it makes the best use of its resources to deliver its mission. All Trustees meet regularly, four to six times a year. Trustees have collective responsibility for amongst other things:

  • ensuring the charity is financially stable
  • making strategic decisions
  • ensure the charity is compliant
  • ensuring sufficient policies are in place (e.g. safety and safeguarding policies)

Trustees are supported in their role by way of induction, training, and development opportunities through 3rd party organisations such as community foundations and local council-led initiatives.

There are some legal guides on the charity commission website at

ECP&DA Trustees 2020-2021

Chairman - Norman Cornwell

Vice-Chairman - John Nixey

Membership - Shirley Cornwell

Publicity - Paul King


Secretary - Yvonne Shattower

Treasurer - Geraldine Martin

Sandiacre Lock Cottages - Glyn Stenson 

Web & Archives - Doug Swain